Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology is also known as White biotechnology. It is the third wave of biotechnology after medical and agricultural biotechnology. From the beginning, industrial biotechnology has integrated product improvements with pollution prevention. Industrial biotechnology focuses on using microorganisms and enzymes to make value added products such as antibiotics, chemicals, textiles, biogas or biofuel and to reduce harmful waste from industrial products. It is a rapidly growing filed as it is associated with reduced energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. The industrial biotechnology rides on a series of related developments in three fields of study derived from cell such as genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics.

  • Foods produced by Microbial activity
  • Production of Antibiotics
  • Single Cell Protein
  • Renewable chemicals and Biobased materials
  • Bio-value added products and Novel Vaccines
  • Petro-chemical based Economy

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