Animal Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology is a process of using molecular biology techniques to genetically engineer animals in order to improve their suitability for agriculture, industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Animal biotechnology has been utilized to deliver genetically modify animals that produce helpful proteins, enhanced development and resistance to disease for production of Transgenic animals.

   Animal biotechnology had wide applications in

·         Creating transgenic animals (animals with one or more genes introduced by human intervention), eg: Introduction of growth hormone gene of rainbow trout into carp eggs produces transgenic carp which will grow one third larger than normal carp with both the growth hormones.

·         Using gene knock out technology to make animals with a specific inactivated gene and producing nearly identical animals by somatic cell nuclear transfer (or cloning).

·         Use of animal organs in humans(pigs are used to supply heart valves in humans)

  • Transgenic animal models
  • Animal cell cultures
  • Genome sequence analysis
  • Molecular farming and Bioreactors
  • Animal models of Human diseases

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