Food and Enzyme Biotechnology

Food technology deals with all the techniques and activities involved in processing, preserving and manufacturing safe, wholesome and nutritious food stuff. It is the blooming field of science and technology which modifies living organisms like plants, animals and microorganisms by the use of various tools and techniques like genetic engineering, molecular markers and tissue culture etc.

Enzyme technology is a field of biotechnology that has many industrial applications of enzymes that are used to produce or make improvements in the quality of different foods.

Enzymes have wide range of applications in many fields such as:   

•          Amylases isolated from bacteria, fungi, pancreas are used as softening agent for starched clothes in textile industry.

•          Proteolytic enzymes are used in manufacture of leather which digests the collagen holding the hair to hide in the skin which helps in dehairing of skin.

•          Papain (papaya) and bromelain (pineapple) are used to tenderise meat in food industry.

•          Lipases can easily digest protein stains, oily and fatty stains in detergent industry.


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